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Step 1.

Plan to travel

Make sure you know if you are applying for the Spring, Summer, or Fall semester. During the process you will have to send documents, fill out the forms, pay fees, and schedule the embassy interview. Make sure to choose the dates according to your academic goals.


Spring Semester

January to April

Summer Semester

May to August

Fall Semester

September to December


Proof of funds

Step 2.


Passport and Proof of funds are the only documents you need to start your application.

Make sure your passport is valid and is not about to expire (must be valid for more than the next 6 months).

Proof of funds: bank statement is one option. It must be recent (3 months). To find out how much you need click on the button below

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Step 3.


The SEVIS fee is a required immigration fee.

Book amount depends on your level.

Application fee – $100

SEVIS fee – $350

Affidavit of Support form

It must be fill out by the sponsor or the applicant. If the applicant is proofing the funds for himself, he will fill out the form with his own information.

Fill it out


Ready to apply? If you have the documents ready and your Affidavit of Sponsor filled out, click on the link below to start your application.

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Step 4.


The forms must be filled out in order to finish your application process. Make sure you fill out the Affidavit of Support form in order to get your I-20.

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