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MAY, 2020


Get the Top Tips and Best Information and Avoid Sneaky Scams Online as an International Student in the US in Times of Pandemic.

A lot of international students have a lot of questions about whether changes in immigration laws and student visa regulations in the USA will affect them and what they can do to stay safe and legal in their status with the school and their visa. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program reports receiving three times as many emailed questions in March than in February of this year as the impacts of the virus spread across the student community and people needed more information. Many good resources, links, and answers to common questions about things like school procedures, requirements for filing student information, and much more are available at

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“The SEVP Response Center has responded to more than 12,000 phone calls and more than 12,000 emails in March and April alone.” SEVP Director Rachel Canty. In total, the agency got “three times as many emails in March as compared to February,” Director Canty reports. 

The SEVP Response Center is doing its best to go through a virtual tidal wave of questions and post answers to the most widely asked questions in a downloadable PDF.


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Resources from related government partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Education, as well as other SEVP information and links and more are all available on the PDF, which is regularly updated (look for the time and date stamp at the bottom of every page to assure the information is current).

Watch For Scammers!

Along with helping students and educators learn to adapt to changes, SEVP and DHS are very busy fighting online fraud schemes that prey on international students and others. Operation Stolen Promise combats fraud and stops scams from spreading. Ask yourself, ‘does it seem too good to be true?’ or ‘does it seem like a strange way that the government would ask for that information?’ then don’t hesitate to pause and check it out before you go get caught up in a potential scam.

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