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Complaints and Grievances

At U.S. Ling Institute students have the opportunity to resolve any disputes by the formal grievance process that are unresolved by normal means. If a student has an incident or conflict that needs to be resolved, their first response is to try to resolve the matter informally with those who are involved. Whenever possible, all complaints should be resolved by the grievant (student) and the person who has caused the grievance. If the matter cannot be resolved, the PDSO/DSO, Student Advisor, or administration may step in to help through the formal grievance process.
At U.S. Ling Institute we seek to help students achieve their academic goals in a safe and positive environment. If at any time a student feels that they are being treated unfairly, they may file a formal grievance and speak with the administration. Please contact the Student Advisor to file a formal grievance.

If your formal grievance is not resolved, the student can submit their grievance to ACCET. See the below notice for details on submitting a complaint to ACCET here.