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U.S. Ling Institute’s Intensive English Program

Our courses align with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for language acquisition, and our Proficient Level classes are geared toward university preparation for advanced students for a successful academic career in the United States.

U.S. Ling Institute's Intensive English Program

U.S. Ling Institute’s Intensive English Program offers an integrated and communicative approach to promoting language proficiency skills. Classes are prepared with interactive lessons to develop each of the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) with a strong emphasis on grammar and pronunciation. Each level has objectives and outcomes that build the basis (i.e. serve as a prerequisite) for the next level’s instruction, thus ensuring a systematic and sequential educational methodology.

Beginner - Level 1

This course is designed to help the students achieve a beginner level of proficiency in the English language, through an integrated skills approach in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with a strong focus on English grammar systems. This course builds essential speaking patterns, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and helps with basic cultural orientation. Students learn to form correct speech patterns and write sentences in simple verb forms in affirmative, interrogative, and negative structures, utilizing basic nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs.

Elementary - Level 2

Students will further develop basic skills, adding more vocabulary and grammar to be able to speak about simple topics and have basic conversations, as well as being able to read/write at an elementary level. Through an integrated communicative approach to language acquisition, students continue to build up their vocabulary, learn new speech patterns and situational grammar structures in short dialogues and role-plays. Students will practice pronunciation patterns, learning to understand and participate in basic casual conversations to survive in an English-speaking environment.

Low Intermediate - Level 3

This course is designed to gradually increase students’ vocabulary and bridge the gap between knowing the basic grammar structures and using them in context. Students will begin recognizing and using basic grammatical structures habitually and fluently and begin to use and recognize higher vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. At the low- intermediate level, students will learn to use grammar structures more accurately, meaningfully, and appropriately. A wide variety of communicative and writing activities will provide opportunity for active language use enabling students to communicate with one another and native speakers with more ease.

Intermediate - Level 4

Students will continue to adapt, understand, and recognize linguistic structures at all levels, being able to function in most life situations with minimal errors. The integrated approach at the intermediate level further advances students’ understanding and use of English in speaking, grammar, and writing. This course bridges the gap between knowing the grammar structures and using them in contexts. A wide variety of communicative activities will provide opportunities for students to discuss various topics with one another and talk to native speakers, understanding them in authentic settings with ease. Students will also be involved in improving presentation and writing skills.

High-Intermediate - Level 5

Students will further improve and solidify understanding of high-intermediate grammatical points and deepen their exposure to written and spoken forms of the English language. The course has been specifically designed in order to provide more practice for the students at the high-intermediate level by placing emphasis on complex grammatical structures, thus aiming to avoid the development of fossilized errors and short-term language acquisition.Students will leave this course with an understanding of how to apply in context complex grammatical forms and how to organize and express their ideas in academic and general settings with a high emphasis on writing and speaking. Students will perfect their ability to communicate about social and global topics using a variety of language structures, develop their ability to organize ideas and present arguments in a logical, sequential order. Students will enhance their vocabulary knowledge through exposure to native content and focus on improving general and academic writing skills by writing essays, reports, summaries, etc..

Advanced - Level 6

This is an intensive course designed to help students achieve an advanced level of proficiency in the English language, through an integrated skills approach in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with a strong focus on English grammar systems. Students will become better familiarized with the academic style of English as they prepare to enter into the Proficient and TOEFL levels. Students will be able to communicate and function in any situation of American life and society, using all language structures fluently with minimal errors. Advanced level students are presented with contemporary issues and relevant content based on authentic radio broadcasts and topics of universal interest.  Students will further develop listening strategies by identifying the main ideas and details in the reports and materials of the content-based interviews. As they fine-tune their listening skills, they will add vocabulary and become more familiar with idiomatic language. Students will learn to develop their ideas in a more profound form and debate different points of view. They will gain a deeper understanding of American values and culture.

Proficient I – Level 7

The course aims to prepare students for the academic life in the United States by familiarizing them with the skills necessary for academic success while strengthening the students’ knowledge of complex grammatical structures. Students will develop their ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret academic and non-academic lectures/presentations. Students will enhance and perfect their ability to express their ideas through both spoken and written formats. They will learn to explain their points of view in a cohesive, coherent manner in academic settings and on various topics using complex language structures and academic vocabulary fluently and accurately with accurate intonation and pronunciation. Students will also improve their cognitive abilities and analytical skills.

Proficient II – Level 8

This course is designed for advanced English language learners who are transitioning to academic environments. The objectives of this course are Oral Communication Proficiency, Critical Analysis Skills, and Research Writing Skills. The course is developed to intensify fundamental and critical thinking skills most relevant for students preparing for university education, with lessons aligned around most common academic areas of study. The course aims to prepare students to become successful and confident in a university setting. Students will develop the listening, speaking and writing skills necessary for both academic and professional settings.Upon completion of this course, students will have gained greater confidence and language proficiency in their ability to speak English in any situation presented to them and to succeed in their major fields in college.