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International Student Medical Insurance

What is an F1 Visa?

US Department of An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa given to most international students who want to study in the USA. The visa is issued by the State, after you have been accepted to study at a private elementary school, high school, college, seminary, conservatory, English language school (ESL) or an academic institution.

Once the visa is approved, students can arrive in the US up to 30 days before their classes begin, but must maintain the visa throughout their studies, and then leave the country within 60 days after their program has been completed.

Check Your Eligibility

Every health insurance plan has certain criteria to must meet in order to qualify. International Student Insurance options require a valid student visa, but will not require domestic information, like a social security number. Sometimes these plans will require you attend school for a set number of hours each week in order to remain eligible, so make sure that you meet each of the eligibility requirements of the plan before you buy.

F1 Visa Insurance Requirements

International students on an F1 visa do not have any government related health insurance requirements to meet when studying in the USA. With this in mind, and because having adequate health insurance is so important, F1 visa holders and their dependents should

Insurance: With a proper international student insurance plan, you will protect yourself from the high costs of an unexpected injury or illness.

International students pay money every semester that goes beyond tuition.

Since many international students need to keep their costs as low as possible while studying in the U.S., students may be confused about why colleges and university require students to pay for health insurance. At U.S. Ling Institute, health insurance is NOT required, but it is highly recommended.

It important to have medical insurance in a country where there is no free medical care, especially if you end up in an emergency room following a car accident or another type of emergency. You can never predict what will happen in the future, and Medical in the United States is very expensive!

The health insurance fee is, if not the most, one of the most important investments an international student will make while studying abroad. Many international students are surprised by the following aspects of health insurance in the U.S.

1. There is no national or free public medical assistance: Unlike in countries such as Brazil, France, and Italy, where you – and even your international friends that come to visit – may have had free access to medical care, in the U.S. access to low-cost or public health care is very limited. Generally, international students are not eligible for most programs.

What that means is if you eventually become ill and need medical assistance, it will cost you.

2. Medical care is expensive: I hope you never need to end up at an emergency room while in the U.S. – a visit can cost you thousands of dollars. Having health insurance will lower your medical costs significantly.

Even if you have health insurance, you may be required to pay what’s called an out-of-pocket amount. That cost is typically a small percentage of what the real cost would be if you weren’t insured.

3. Access to medical care varies from country to country and if you are planning to study abroad, make sure you are aware of how much it will cost you to have health care coverage throughout your entire stay.

Maintaining health insurance coverage is money well spent while studying abroad – you never know when or if you will become ill or injured. Avoid surprise bills by being covered. It is not only mandatory in many cases, but also a smart step.

Suggestions for Medical Insurance:

The following sites are possible suggestions for International Student plans, which provide health insurance to international students, Exchange Participants, and Visiting Scholars outside of their home country – either in the USA or anywhere in the world. These sites are suggestions. None of the below sites are endorsed or recommended by U.S. Ling.

U.S. Ling does not require students to have health insurance. It is highly recommended.
Here are some helpful sites/agent:

Manny Garcia (All American Benefits – Independent Producer)
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