Media Group Report


October, 2020


This month we made some important updates to the website, focusing on optimizing the mobile version because the volume of people is higher on mobiles devices . The updates will be listed below:

The tidio chat has been reincorporated and we are having prospectives students contacting us through there almost every day .

One great feature is that it is  avalaible in mobile devices as well.

Here is the mobile menu optimized and more functional than ever. It looks simpler making it easier to navigate it as well.


The footer has been updated and optimized as well. Now the contact information is clickable allowing people to contact the school just with one click. 

Another important update is the newsletter avalaibility for future email marketing, we are already having people signing in and some ideas about the email campaings that we could launch, for example incorporationg the blog to it is one of them. 


Social Media 

The number of followers on Instagram has increased  about 400 more. And the number of following people has decreased from 2.3k to 1.6k , doing that we are trying to follow only the right (target) audience.

This month we had 3 posts focused on grammar and the posts about the tragic event of the Souza Family. 


We tried to contact the youtube support to recovery our old account but unfortunately it was not possible and now we are trying to report that account and a couple others that were created under the school name. The reason of this is to avoid any interferance of the other youtube channels with the official, leading people to the right school youtube channel.  

As we spoke, we would like to focus the marketing on simple and short videos. There is a traveling relating video in development along with animated videos explaining the school application process.  



The application forms have been optimized as well. 

  • Affidavit od Sponsor Form 
  • Transferring In 
  • Request for Vacation