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U.S. Ling Institute’s staff is committed to providing a friendly, welcoming environment, quality education, and excellent student services. We are always available to answer your questions and help make your experience at U.S. Ling Institute an enjoyable one. If you need to see a specific staff member and they are not available that day, please schedule an official appointment to see that staff member the next class day immediately before or after your classes.

Derek Buttars

Derek is one of the best advanced level teachers. His degree in Spanish Translation from Brigham Young University, ESL teaching experience in Santiago, Chile, and athletic coaching experience have prepared him for the demanding role of English language instructor at U.S. Ling. Derek’s English pronunciation techniques, exam preparation methods and his ability to cultivate a positive and productive environment in his classes have resulted in his students repeatedly achieving high scores on their TOEFL exams, an achievement that motivates other students and teachers to aim for even better results.

What is your favorite subject to teach?

Test preparation and pronunciation.

What do you enjoy most about working at US Ling?

I love working at US Ling because of all the diversity I get to be a part of. I love meeting people from around the world and learning about their unique traditions and perspectives on life

Anna Chuprova

Anna is the Director of Compliance and Curriculum Development at U.S. Ling Institute and she is also one of our best ESL teachers. What Anna brings to the US Ling team is her extensive international teaching experience (several years in Spain) and her strong theoretical foundation in the field of foreign language teaching. TEFL certified, Anna graduated from the University of Alcala (Spain) with a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education.

Teaching and joined the US Ling family in 2016. Anna’s multilingual abilities (she is fully proficient in 3 languages!) not only give her a unique perspective on language teaching but also assure that her students are supported on multiple levels. Anna is instrumental in the constant process of U.S. Ling Institute’s improvement of language teaching methodology, curriculum and professional development of the faculty.

What’s your favorite subject to teach?

My favorite subject to teach is grammar.

What do you enjoy most about working at US Ling?

I enjoy working at US Ling because of the fun work environment and great co-workers. Working at US Ling has allowed me to grow as a teacher and meet people from all over the world.

Wendy Thompson

As the front desk manager for US Ling Institute, Wendy Thompson sees every student at the school early and often. In her years of service as Registrar and Designated School Official, she has helped thousands of students understand and meet the standards of government regulations that the school and its students must follow.

Not only does Wendy cheerfully represent the face of US Ling to students and visitors, but she also serves as the main point of contact between the school and the federal government agencies and programs such as SEVIS, ICE, and NAFSA that oversee international students studying in the US. Wendy keeps up to date on policy and procedures of the agencies as related to US Ling by attending webinars and regional seminars to help the school remain in compliance and good standing.

Students know Wendy for the cheerful smiling greeting she has for every visitor who enters through the school’s front door, but few realize the vast creative and artistic talent lurking beneath her sweet and approachable exterior. Along with a former front desk co-worker, Wendy created dozens of clever “memes” on sticky notes, each with a clever twist on a familiar expression brought to life with Wendy’s warm and cheerful art.

Among the visions for her future are a potential degree and career in animation or a related creative field to give her natural humor and artistic talent a chance to shine. While she graces the front desk at US Ling, though, students and staff will give thanks for Wendy’s familiar welcoming presence and consistent professionalism.



We believe that communication is key to learning! Our classes are taught using The Communicative and Integrated Approach to language acquisition. Students are given ample opportunities to use their target language in a variety of contextualized, student centered activities. The integrated approach to skill building allows for the development of all skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing- simultaneously, so that learners have an opportunity to express themselves through constant interaction and exposure to English.

Better Teachers. Better Results.

Our teachers are experts in the field of ESL. All instructors are highly experienced educators and have post-graduate degrees from various American and international universities. Instructors regularly attend professional development seminars, conferences, and workshops in order to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of education, thus enabling them to implement innovative and effective teaching techniques in the classroom. Integrity, Value, Professionalism and Success- are the guiding principles of our faculty.

TOEFL Test Preparation

Our TOEFL Preparation Program focuses on the comprehensive and hands-on practice of skills and application of test-taking strategies necessary for successful achievement of desired TOEFL scores. Students will learn techniques and strategies to maximize their chances of scoring well and continuing their studied in American colleges and universities.