Weber State University Creates US Ling Institute Ambassadors Scholarship For US Ling Graduates


MAY, 2020

International Students

International Students Can Reduce First Year College Tuition at Weber State University by Up To $10000 By Combining an International Student Scholarship and a US Ling Institute Ambassador Scholarship.

Use the power of scholarship stacking to cut your college tuition down to size at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. All US Ling graduates now have a remarkable opportunity to reduce first-year college tuition by an additional $2000 with a US Ling Ambassadors Scholarship. Add the US Ling Scholarship to Weber State’s International Student Scholarship, which is worth $8000 toward the cost of yearly tuition for every year you are at the University, and your first-year tuition will be reduced to nearly the rate that in-state residents pay.

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“The combination of these two scholarships can get the scholarship amount up to $10,000 (2020-2021 academic year) for the first year for students whose grade average is above 60%,” notes Yimin Wang, new Dean of International Programs at Weber State. 

Wang also notes that “the remainder of the tuition would be approximately $6,144 for the first year (Fall and Spring semesters), and $8,144 for the next three years, which is relatively close to the in-state tuition rate.”

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Weber State University is a respected and accredited institution of higher education located in Ogden, Utah. Weber offers more than 225 degree and certificate programs and 16 graduate programs. With 92 percent of their students from Utah, Weber welcomes also students from the remaining 49 states of the US as well as from two US territories and 61 foreign countries.

In addition to some great savings on college tuition, you may find that your budget stretches further as a student at Weber State. Costs of living in Ogden are generally lower than in Salt Lake City. For example, an average 1-bedroom apartment rents for about $657 in Ogden, compared to an average rent of $857 for a similar size apartment in SLC.