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Collegiate Partnerships

We are proud to announce our partnerships with several universities and institutions of higher education around the country. Due to our high standard of education and curriculum, these schools have chosen to waive their TOEFL requirement for our students that complete levels 6 and 7 at US Ling, allowing students to transfer directly from US Ling to a college or university upon graduation from our program. By clicking the links below, you can access more information about each school.

Articulation Agreement

Accepts CPT in place of TOEFL

If you would like to become a partner, please email us at



We believe that communication is key to learning! Our classes are taught using The Communicative and Integrated Approach to language acquisition. Students are given ample opportunities to use their target language in a variety of contextualized, student centered activities. The integrated approach to skill building allows for the development of all skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing- simultaneously, so that learners have an opportunity to express themselves through constant interaction and exposure to English.

Better Teachers. Better Results.

Our teachers are experts in the field of ESL. All instructors are highly experienced educators and have post-graduate degrees from various American and international universities. Instructors regularly attend professional development seminars, conferences, and workshops in order to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of education, thus enabling them to implement innovative and effective teaching techniques in the classroom. Integrity, Value, Professionalism and Success- are the guiding principles of our faculty.

TOEFL Test Preparation

Our TOEFL Preparation Program focuses on the comprehensive and hands-on practice of skills and application of test-taking strategies necessary for successful achievement of desired TOEFL scores. Students will learn techniques and strategies to maximize their chances of scoring well and continuing their studied in American colleges and universities.