All students are expected to attend class every time the class meets. Regular attendance is necessary to avoid falling behind academically.

Instructors take daily attendance by calling students’ names aloud and recording attendance in the E-Ling system.

Students are expected to be in class on time and return from the break on time. Arriving late is disruptive to the instructor and classmates. Instructors will not repeat material missed by late students. Students who arrive late to class will be marked Late. Students who leave before dismissal will be marked.

Students are required to attend at least 80% percent of class hours per session. When a student attends class, he or she gains the full advantage of tuition. When classes are missed, students are unable to benefit from learning opportunities.

Placement Test
New students and students returning from Vacation are given a placement test, which includes grammar, reading comprehension, and an oral interview. Based on the results of the Webcape placement test, writing and oral interview, the student will be assigned to a level. If a student feels that the assigned level is too difficult or too easy within the first week of class, a level change request can be made. The instructor can make the same request after careful observation of the student’s performance during his/her first week of attendance.
Schedule Change
Students may wish to transfer between morning and evening programs schedules. Our programs may have different teachers or different goals at different times, and programs and classes can differ in teaching style, chapters in the book, etc. For this reason, students requesting a change of session must meet with the ESL Academic Advisor and may need to take a new placement test. The Academic Advisor will meet with the teachers to figure out if placement is possible. The level the student is placed in can be different from the level or course he or she is currently in.
Level Procedure
Students are not permitted to choose their own level. Students requesting a level change will be re-evaluated by the academic staff and/or teacher of the assigned level. Written and/or oral evaluations may be administered to determine whether a level change request will be granted or denied.

If the instructor believes that a student is in the wrong level, he/she is advised to consult the Academic Advisor and DSO regarding the options for that student. Written and/or oral evaluations may be administered to determine whether a level change is appropriate.