Policies and procedures

The Golden Rule

All students, faculty, and staff are expected to exhibit good morals, politeness, respect, and friendliness at all times. Be respectful of rules, school property, and most importantly, your classmates! Remember, treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Policies and Procedures

Placement Test

Initial and transfer in students will be required to take a placement test prior to starting classes. Students will be placed in a level based on their test results.


Regular attendance is necessary to avoid falling behind academically. Instructors take daily attendance and record it in the system. Students who arrive late to class will be marked late. Students who leave before dismissal will be marked late as well. Students are required to attend at least 80% of class hours per session.

Schedule change

Students may change between morning and evening schedule permitting level availability. Students will need to officially request the change with the administration and receive prior approval.

Level procedure

Students are not permitted to choose their own level. Students requesting a level change will be re-evaluated by the academic staff and/or teacher of the assigned level. Written and/or oral evaluations may be administered to determine whether a level change request will be granted or denied.

Maximum length of ESL studies is 36 months.

The U.S. Ling Intensive English Courses are available to F1 International students or to any individual legally allowed to study full time or part-time while in the United States.