Tuition and fees

U.S. Ling program gives you the maximum benefit.

Semester Tuition


Includes books, student ID, and placement test.

You can pay in installments (2, 3, or 4 months).

Admission Fees


School Application Fee.


I-20 Reissuance Fee


If student needs any alteration of the I-20 after being issue, the I-20 reissuance fee will be applied.


SEVIS I-901 fee


Required immigration fee. This is a not a school fee!
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* Tuitions and fees are subject to change without notice.


Academic progress


discount for having 90% and above both Grade & Attendance.



discount for referring a student who enrolls for one full semester at U.S. Ling Institute. To receive this discount, the student’s name is indicated in the application as a referral.

Paid in full


discount for pre-paid early tuition, any student (initial, transferring in, or returning) can receive this discount. Must be paid before the start of the semester to qualify.

Policies and procedures.

Download the student handbook with all the information needed:


Maximum length of ESL studies is 36 months.

The U.S. Ling Intensive English Courses are available to F1 International students or to any individual legally allowed to study full time or part-time while in the United States.