This course prepares the culturally diverse students of U.S. Ling Institute to meet the requirements of the newest generation of TOEFL preparation tests (IBT) and to be admitted to United States colleges and universities (undergraduate or graduate programs). The content develops all the required skills for the language proficiency test, including listening, speaking, and reading sections. Students will be able to synthesize all information previously learned, developing analytical skills in reading and listening comprehension, being able to speak and write at a native or near-native proficiency level. Students will also learn skills to help them perform well on the writing section of the TOEFL test. They will learn and practice strategies for writing the independent and integrated essays, perfecting what they already know in organizing and structuring the essays in the necessary formats.

Test Prep strategies: Note-taking, paraphrasing, synthesizing, academic skills, writing workshops, academic vocabulary, organization of ideas.

English has become an international language unlike any other. Many will tell you it is the unofficial language of business. It is certainly one of the most useful languages a person can know. If you are seeking intensive English training in Salt Lake City, UT, U.S. Ling Institute has several options to give you the coaching and support you need. We are experts at providing help to ESL and international students who want an advantage in learning English.

No matter what your language skill level is, we can place you in an appropriate skill level to help you eliminate the learning difficulty and achieve desired English proficiency. Our English language institute offers a safe and supportive environment for the practice and acquisition of English. English training entails 288 hours of intensive learning and students who select this option can expect to improve their English-speaking abilities exponentially.